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Chinese Medicine and Weight Loss

The most common causes of obesity are poor diet and eating habits and a lack of exercise. Other factors that can lead to obesity include glandular malfunctions, hormone imbalance, and emotional tension. At least one third of North Americans are overweight, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans today file fatter, more stressed out, and no likelier to get regular exercise than we were ten years ago.

A person is considered obese when they weigh 20 percent or more above the average for their height and build Causes Can be very complicated. Chinese Medicine considers obesity is due to the spleen and kidneys. Sufferers have too much phlegm or dampness is the body. Trying to lose weight through diet will have short-term results. A 'cold' food diet will further weaken the spleen Sufferers should eat healthy food in moderation.

Chinese Medicine Doctors will aim to strengthen the deficient organs. Acupuncture can help. Herbal medicine treatment is complicated in these cases, and very individual, but it can certainly be an aid. Once the harmony of the body ls restored to balance, the metabolism will process food properly, and excess weight should no longer be a problem, provided the correct foods are taken in moderate quantities.

'l am feeling great now'. said Jeanne, 50, after she has lost 55lb from her 225lb body weight, since she started Chinese herbs and acupuncture at the clinic. 'I know I still have to loss extra 20, but my general health is much better. I feel I have all kind of energy, and the thing is that I don't have to follow a straight diet. Acupuncture supposes to alleviate my metabolism and herbs is to reduce cholesterol and fat.

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