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Chinese herbal treatmemts for psoriasis

Chinese herbal treatments for this distressing skin condition are extremely encouraging, The raised, red scaly patches can appear anywhere on the body, but most often affect the knees or elbows. The cause is unknown and it usually affects both sides of the body and often makes the nails on fingers and toes become thickened and pitted. Psoriasis responds well to treatment by individual Chinese Medicine doctors, although they emphasize that some case are very stubborn. RelativelY mild cases can respond in two or three months. Serious cases take much longer. The condition is often due to a blood heat syndrome.

Chinese medicine was a last resort for John K, In (20) years as a Psoriasis victim he had tried every type of therapy from moden medicine to cold tar baths, with very little response. When he consulted my clinic, he had large red lesions all over his face and body, the skin was painful and itchy and he was unable to sleep. He was prescribed a (14) herbs, served as a tea decoction, to cool the blood and reduce heat and dampness in the liver and gallbladder meridian. After two weeks on herbs, the color of the infected skin was paler, the skin was less flaky, and the pain and itchy feeling was getting disappear. The herbal remedies contained scrophularia root, which nourishes the yin and reduces blood heat, plus honey-suckle and isatis leaf to reduce heat and toxins, and gentian root to cool the liver and gallbladder. Three changes were made in the prescriptions over a course of six months, during which time the Patient continued to improve. And his skin has been cleared for four years.

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