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Natural herbs for allergic sinusitis

With spring comes allergies, runny noses, frequent sneezes, even headaches. This is called allergic sinusitis, caused by the sensitinogen acting on the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. You experience itching in the nose and eyes. watery nasal discharge and a stuffy nose.

Conventional medicine involves using a drug such as an antihistamine to reduce symptoms. But, there are some side effects such as drowsiness and some people may even develop a dependency. People are becoming concerned about the long-term effects. That's why so many are looking to alternative medicines.

Natural herbal medicine uses pure raw herbs. This not only Inhibits the allergic reaction, but aIso improves the immune function in the body. This is why they are helpful, since people who have a low immune function tend to get allergy problems. When the body's immune system gets stronger, sinusitis can be cleared up. For example, herbs like astragalus root and Chinese angelica root can improve the immune function. And, herbs likes xanthium and magnolia flower have an inhibition effect for the allergic reaction.

Katharine, 34 years old, suffered from allergic sinusitis for ten years. Almost every day he experienced a runny nose, sneezing,itching in the eyes, and sometimes a very bad headache.

I prescribed 12 raw herbs geared to his particular needs. After three weeks, his major symptoms were relieved about 90%. He continued to take the herbal lea for several weeks until he recovered. The herbal formulas rebuilt his immune systerm. These kinds of herbs are also good for other allergies like asthma.

Danny Wu graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in Canton, China. Wu then became a medical doctor and lcturer at the university. In 1886, Dr. Wu came to Canada. and enrolled in Ph.D. degree in the Faculty of medicine of McGill University(Montreal). Dr. Wu has practiced Chinese medicine and natural healing for more than 17 year. Currently, he is invited as lecturer at Toronto School of Acupuncture, and is the director of Oshawa Acupuncture centre. He also is a member of the World Association of Chinese Medicine.

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