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Chinese medicine and colitis

Chronic inflammation of the colon is extremely painful condition marked by frequent bouts of blood-streaked diarrhea If the patient has not already undergone food allergy tests, these should be undertaken before treatment begins.The condition has 8 variety of causes.from deficiency and cold in the stomach and spleen to dampness and heat, qi stasis, blood or food stagnation or possibly 8 yin deficiency. This is a troublesome and relatively common complaint which seems to respond rather more positively to Chinese Medicine remedies than to modern medicine, which usually treats the patient with steroids or by surgery to remove the most severely affected parts of the colon. Dandelion, poria, astragulus, peony and ginseng bay be used.

Nothing seemed to help Trevor D's colitis In two years of treatment with steroids to help the coating of the bowel, others which went into the blood stream, and a foam which he had to inject into his return, he was still rushing to the washroom every half hour, constantly passing blood, unable to sleep and losing weight. He consulted in our clinic after he had seen a TV program of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture He was found a lot of inflammation in the guts caused by damp, heat and toxins which had to be cleared from the system. Mr.D was given two lots of herbal pills, tiny thing that looked like shotgun pellets, and bad to take ten of one type, and twenty of the other every day, which supposed to tougher up the bowel.

Treatment centred on the kidney, which is responsible for the antibodies which protect the system from disease. One of these forms a lining in the gut, and when this is damaged, colitis is the result. Before starting to work on the kidney, however, herbs to clean the body were given. "We have a saying in Chinese Medicine that even the best artist can't paint. A good picture without a clean white sheet of paper. One lot of medicine was to clear the toxins, the other was to treat the kidney". The herbs included dandelion rhubarb and ginseng.

Trevor D. admitted, "To be honest, I was suspicious at first, Only desperation took me there. When I felt an Improvement, I thought it was an imagination. I didn¡¯want to give myself false hope. But as the weeks went by, I could see a marked improvement. Now I am gaining weight, in fact I am having to watch what I eat".

Colitis is one of the conditions which Western medicine finds difficult to treat Surgery is often the final resort. Chinese Medicine has a good success rate using herbal medicine.

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