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Acupuncture can help smokers butt out

Until recently, the western world has looked solely to traditional medicine to treat pain and disease.

While medicine dulls pain and alleviares symptoms, the root of the problem continues to grow. Traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, Tul Na massage, Tai Chi as well as herbal remedies, has been the mainstream means of treating pain and disease in the eastern world since 3, 000 years BCE. AS opposed to dealing with symptoms, these therapies tackie the root of the problem, avoiding unnecessary drugs.

Acupuncture is an effective way of relieving pain and treating ailments and disease The body is made up of channels where "QI" or energy flows through to all the organs. These channels are peppered with numerous acupressure points, which correspond to different organs.When there is a blockage in a channel.Qi can not flow through, which can cause pain, imbalances and other health conditions. By stimulating these acupressure points with tiny needles, the obstruction is released, and Qi can flow through, relieving the grievance.

After 30 years inpractice, Dr. Danny Wu has treated patients for endless conditions from migraines and PMS, to colitis and cancer, and with much success. Acupuncture is also effective for breaking addictions. Dr. Wu has treated hundreds of patients for smoking cessation with a success rate of approximately 95 percent.

"Most people that come to me are older, middie aged, " Dr. Wu explains."They come as a last resort, after trying everything else."

Acupuncture helps smokers butt out their cigarettes by alleviating some of the nasty physical withdrawl symptoms that come with quitting. Nicotine is addictive because its effects are comparable to endogenous morphine(endorphins), a chemical the brain produces when the body is in Pain. Endogenous morphine has been coined the "happy chemical" because it's also produced when one is happy or laughing. Since smokers receive regular doses of nicotine.The brain produces fewer endorpines, since nicotine somewhat replaces it. This is why smokers feel irritable, anxious and often experience headaches when they quit.

Dr. Wu explains that inserting needles in acupressure points in the head, on the face and along the arms, not only clears the lungs, but stimulates the production of endorpins to alleviate the side effects of quitting smoking.

Clearing the "heat" or mucous buildup from the lung channels caused by smoking, helps ex-smlkers feel the benefits of quitting faster.

"They start to feel better, " says Dr. Wu. " That also makes it easier to quit."

Depending on how much and how long a patient and how long a patient and how long a patien has been smoking, will determine how many treatments they'll need to kick the habit. Dr. Wu estimates that a 20 year old, who's been smoking about 10 cigarettes a day for five years, will need three to five treatments to quit. At $55 per treatment, quitting smoking with acupuncture will cost between $165 and $275.

While this may seem steep, putting money towards quitting smoking is smarter than investing in lung cancer; think about how much money cigarett cost. At $10 a pack, this smoker would have spent about $30 a week on smoking;over five years that be $7, 800.

Now think about the cost of life-time of smoking life itself.

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