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When Danny Wu was 16, he began his 6 years professional education at the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in Canton, China. He then became a medical doctor and lecturer at the University.

Wu came to Canada in 1986 and studied at McGill Uniersity's Faculty of medicine(Montreal), where he completed his Master's degree in physiology and enrolled in the PH.D program. Not only did he received full training in both Chinese and Western medicine, but he also worked at the Saint-Luc Hospital of Montreal as a medical research associate. Wu has practiced Chinese medicine and natural healing for more than 20 years and has had numerous academic papers associated with medicine and health published in many countries.

Wu specialized in senior's health concerns and stress and pain management, as well as tumor rehabilitation. He is one of the directors of the International Association of Chinese Anti-Cancer Medicine. He is now a member of the Acupuncture Association of Canada and member of the World Association of Chinese Medicine. Wu has also been invited by the Toronto School of Acupuncture as a lecturer.

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